Hampton Lucy Primary School

At Hampton Lucy CofE Primary School and Nursery, parents know that their child is safe and happy and is an individual known for their personal strengths. They know that we engage their child in learning and meet their needs. This is an integral part of the life of this school and we all know that a safe and happy child learns.

'They come this way only once so let us litter their pathways with quality experiences’

All of us at Hampton Lucy CofE Primary School and Nursery believe the quote above and invite you to come into our school and experience it for yourselves. You are welcome to join us at any time so please contact the school office to make an appointment. When you arrive with your child you will be shown around the school by members of Year 6 who will give you a comprehensive talk about their school. I am then available to talk through any questions and spend time getting to know you and your child.

We look forward to seeing you at Hampton Lucy CofE Primary School and Nursery.

Margaret Lunnon - Headteacher


Hampton Lucy C of E Primary School and Nursery is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Ethos Tenets

“Our rural village school derives its ethos from its Christian values (1). This means that every member of our school community, of whatever faith or ethnicity whatever their status, from our head to the youngest child in the nursery class is valued equally; all are equal in the sight of God (2).

To enable each of us to flourish we encourage good manners (these are based on consideration of others) unselfishness and an ethic of service (3).

In such an atmosphere each of us can learn without fear (4), dare to take initiatives (5), believe in ourselves and therefore succeed in our education which is, of course, the focus of our school (6).

This approach of thoughtful, shared endeavour (7) applies to school work, sport, music, drama and in all our dealings with each other, in or out of school.

We are a community (8).”

1. ‘The Values for Life’ Collective Worship scheme forms the focus of the work we do in Collective Worship. This is delivered by David Jessett the Vicar, Kate Distin the Fosse Deanery Co-ordinator, the staff and the children in the school. It is developed and endorsed by The Church of England and is based on Christian values and includes other religions.

2. The Value of equality is at the centre of the work that permeates out from Collective Worship into the classroom and onto the playground. It is the core of the discussions with children when their behaviour is not acceptable. It is the focus of discussion when we make people feel uncomfortable through our actions and words. It underpins our behaviour policy and its success is evident in the low incidents of bullying recorded within the school.

3. See in its simplest form it is in the care that the children give towards each other on a daily basis. Year 6 buddies, head boy and head girl showing visitors around the school; children leading in church services and in school assemblies, raising funds for charities, representing the school proudly and politely on educational visits etc.; the school being itself, at its best, through the diverse and creative aspects of the curriculum. Children do learn in this school without fear, they are loved into being the best they can be; from the high jump in the inter house athletics competitions, to the choir performing carols at Asda; from children teaching children, children sharing their learning with each other, team challenges in Grid Learning and preparing flowers for the church for services. The school is used by the local community and the church regularly for their events.


The 'Values for Life' that we use daily in our teaching and learning, Collective Worship and underpins our school's ethos promotes British Values. To find out more about promoting British values follow the links below.


Parent/Carer Comments

What I like about the School

The school has a fantastic staff team who are on hand to help our children   succeed academically and socially.  During the short time we have been at the school our child has been supported extremely well by all of the staff.    We see the school as a wonderful progressive environment which is inclusive of all regardless of need or ability.

It is small &  friendly in an idyllic setting.  The curriculum is broad & varied.  The staff are approachable & seem to know the children, bringing out their own individual characters

Staff, are passionate about the children and their achievements.  The children are not just numbers or statistics, they are individual personalities and treated as such.

I wouldn't choose any other school than this.  I am so happy that my child goes to this school.  It is a very caring environment.  My child is encouraged to be himself.

It’s small enough so everyone gets to know each other, including the parents.  I feel my child is cared for and well   looked after.  Teachers are accessible when issues need to be discussed regarding my child.

Caring and 'family' feeling as soon as you enter the school.    Cheery and good feeling from inside and out.

This is a small school that has a caring, friendly ethos.  The children know all the teachers and all the other students from nursery to year 6.  The Head Teacher and the teachers are available to discuss any problems that the students might have.  The children are generally happy and enjoy going to school.

The atmosphere, family orientated and friendly.  The work gets done.  The children appear happy.

It is a well-managed school with an excellent head who instils discipline and keen staff.

Small, friendly, well run, quirky.  Bird watching/nature/gardening.

It is a small to   medium country village school.  There   is a wide range of children at school of different abilities.  The range of activities and experiences has   been good, especially of other cultures.  The level of homework is appropriate.  The introduction of a maths specialist was excellent.

It's very safe and the children are able to stay younger for longer. Sharing assembly is good and very interactive for parents to become involved.  The gardening project is nice. Year 5&6 offer good opportunities for the children to grow both academically and socially.

Even better If

Expectations were higher & more emphasis was placed on higher ability/gifted children not just special needs/lower ability.

There was a greater focus on academic development and achievement.

The children would benefit from having hot meals.  It is  important to have a good meal at lunch time and some children do not like lunch boxes (no matter how many variations we try).  We know that there are plans to build a kitchen and this will be a big improvement.

There was more funding to enable the school library to be updated.  Perhaps a weekly swim lesson (off-site).  It would be great to see improvements to outdoor space (covered areas) that could be used regardless of the weather.

There was better communication directly from the class teachers.  The Governors had a class that their child was not in: no conflict of interest.

Hot school dinners (this is on the agenda which is great)

There was improvement to the outdoor play equipment and seating.  Music lessons in school could include recorder.

There were closer ties to the local community.  Put another way, what can we do for the school to help you reach out?  Maybe some volunteers opportunities?  Not sure…..

The introduction of hot school meals would be good across the board.  The school needs to maintain the availability of good leadership at hand, to cover every eventuality.  Good or bad the children will have to do a lot of exams moving forward and more attention to exam technique may not be bad.

It accepted help from willing parents to help with listening children to read.  The children had spellings to bring home to learn every week.  Considerably more homework to establish a work ethic and to utilise parental help in understanding subjects