Hampton Lucy Primary School

Learning Improvement Plan

Our latest Learning Improvement Plan was launched in November 2014. The theme is 'Continuing Progress'.

Our Learning Improvement Plan is the output of:

  • a series of consultation meetings with children, parents, staff and other stakeholders
  • responses to our self-evaluation questionnaire
  • Statutory requirements
2014 LIP: Continuing Progress
Category Objective Expected Benefit
Pupil Achievement

New framework  implemented for pupil tracking and measurement

Optimum pupil tracking and measurement and communication with parents

Pupil Achievement

Targeted homework

A positive impact on outcomes in line with academic targets

Pupil Achievement

Academic targets maintained

Target of 8 sub-levels (or equivalent) evidenced KS1->KS2

Pupil Achievement

Small group work implemented to stretch the most able

30% in Yr 6  achieve 3 levels progress for 2015

Leadership & Management

Governing body reconstituted

Regulatory compliance

Safeguarding guidance aligned to new curriculum

Regulatory compliance


Overall Effectiveness

Library re-vamp + Classroom reading areas complete

Children reading for pleasure with positive impact on outcomes


UIFSM  Embedded and Next Steps Identified for Hot Meals

Regulatory compliance/ Secure long term future of school


New Buildings put back on the agenda

Secures the long term future of school


Explore options for wrap-around care (including after school clubs)

Respond to needs of parents/carers; helps secure long term future of school