Hampton Lucy Primary School

Class 1

Class 1 is a mixed-age class comprised of Nursery and Reception pupils and the teachers are Rachel Thomas and Lucy Jackson assisted by Claire McKenzie. Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to work independently. Every child is also given regular opportunities to work with an adult in whole-class and small group situations.

The children have all been supported fantastically by their Year 6 buddies. Year 6, look after reception on the playground, share fantastic stories with them and keep them safe. These friendships will develop over the school year and will remain with the class throughout primary school. 

Each term we will have an overall topic, which we believe makes our curriculum exciting, interesting and relevant. The children gain first hand experience engaging in a wide range of practical activities which includes outdoor play in our purpose-built play area directly linked to our classroom. We also actively encourage all pupils to participate in a range of extra Curricula Activities.