Hampton Lucy Primary School



The Friends group aim to,

•  Develop effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school,

•  Arrange events and activities that raise funds for equipment and projects in school to enhance the education of the pupils,

•  Organise social events for the enjoyment of the pupils, their families and the wider community.

The Friends have an elected committee for legal reasons but by being a parent or carer of a child at HLS you are automatically a Friend and we welcome all your contributions in whatever size or form.

Firstly a very, very big thank you to everyone  reading  this who has supported the Friends in any way, shape or form. Whether you have sent in money for a cake, run a stall at the summer fair or done a reel at the barn dance - you have helped to support all the wonderful resources and experiences that our children enjoy.

Our funds support the provision of many otherwise unattainable items of school equipment, supplement school outings and extra treats for the children, at Easter and Christmas time, for example.

Royal Wedding Tea Party

The Friends organised a ‘Royal Wedding Tea Party’, which took place after school on Friday 18 May to which family, friends and our local community were all invited.

The School Orchestra led by Mrs Appleyard opened the event with a rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ followed by tea and cake.

The children and parents then celebrated by dancing around the maypole.

Mother's Day Gifts - March 2018

The Friends were in school to help the children with Mother's Day gifts.

Upcoming Events and Information

Event Calendar

On Friday 8th December the Friends have been school making Christmas tree decorations with the Children at School. 

Saturday 9th December, the Christmas Bazaar will be held at Hampton Lucy School from 3pm to 5pm.   Please contact the Friends with any ideas for this event or if you would like to get involved.


We collect textiles for recycling.  £400 per tonne of textiles (including £100 donated to the Starlight Charity) be they clothing, household linen, shoes, handbags or belts.


Friends Cake Friday

This takes place on the first Friday of every month. We need 5 bakers for each Cake Sale and each baker is required to bake 24 cupcakes. The rota of Bakers is coordinated by Jenni Morisson-Jones.  Please remember to send the kids in with their 50p on the cake sale day to avoid disappointment!

New to You Uniforms

This is a fundraising initiative as well as an easy port of call for your child’s school uniform.  A list of clothes currently in stock is maintained and updated periodically. If you would like to purchase or donate any clothes, please use the email address below and you will be pointed in the right direction. Items range from 50p to £3 each.

Easy Fundraising

This is another fantastically easy way to raise funds.  All of you who shop online (and there are quite a few of us that do) can make a difference!  Just register for free at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/hamptonlucyschool and you can make online purchases through hundreds of well known retailers and every time you do, you will generate a free cash donation for us.  Give it a try!

Ink Cartridges

Our school will be paid money for recycling used printer cartridges.

How: Recycling bags can be collected from school, by the “Empties Please” recycling box.

Where: In the hall at the entrance to school. Then please fill your bag with…..

Which: HP (except 364 small chip) Lexmark, Dell and any Canon labelled cartridges – PG37, PG40, PG50, PG510, PG512, PG540, PG545, CL37, CL38 CL41, CL51, CL52, CL511, CL513, CL541 and CL546.

Then: When your bag is full drop the bag into the “Empties Please” recycling box, please. Thank you.

And: “Empties Please” also run an ‘Eco Project’ designed to continue to encourage our pupils outside and learning about their local environment and wildlife. As well as every £1 raised they will give the school an additional ‘Green Point’ which can be redeemed for ‘Green Goodies’ for our school, such as bulbs, trees, butterfly boudoirs, bird houses, hedgehog houses, bug boxes, toad hides, vegetable / herb garden equipment, gardening tools, bird tables and feeders, bat boxes even sponsoring an endangered species and rain forest conservation projects too!

Cartridges can be collected from anywhere, school, home, work, clubs, friends and family.

Also: If parents would like to take a bin to work on behalf of our school “Empties Please” can supply a pack for you to do so. This is a great way of boosting the money raised. Parents could also ask local businesses to display a bin for our school, do you know a local shop, bank or business that could help?

Used Stamps

Our school will be paid money for recycling stamps.

Which: Any stamps recently collected from your post by cutting or tearing them off envelopes. Everyday 1st and 2nd class stamps, both British and foreign stamps are OK, both franked and unfranked.

Where: Please put your stamps into the container on the table in the hall at the entrance to school. Thank you.

NOTE: Please don’t trim too close as the perforations must not be damaged. It’s a bit fiddly but if you can leave no more than 1cm of envelope around each stamp that would be perfect, thank you.

Friends Meetings

Please keep an eye on the Hampton Lucy Friends Notice Board for further meeting dates.


We are in the process of putting together a number of friends templates which you will have seen sent out via parentmail. All communications will be attached to the left hand panel for your information. Don’t forget the Friends Noticeboard also.

Interest and Ideas

If you are interested in helping out the Friends or have any ideas to help with the Fundraising then please send your Email Address and contact details to admin3031@welearn365.com